One Time Pad #

While reading Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon, I decided to write a simple program to encrypt and decrypt text messages using a One Time Pad algorithm. In Mr. Stephenson's book, the One Time Pad algorithm just uses 25 characters (The letter J is converted to an I). I have expanded this to a total of 94 characters: upper case, lower case, numbers, punctuation marks, and some special characters. It is written in C#.

DISCLAIMER: This program is not intended to transmit national secrets or anything that you actually want to keep secret. The key is placed at the beginning of the the ciphertext, therefore it is totally UNSECURE. If a person knows how the algorithm works, they will know the message. I wrote this as a learning experiment, and it is just meant as something fun to play with.

Download Web Demo
Star Wars Book Catalog v2.11 #

This is the second version of my Star Wars Book Catalog. It's essentially the same except it was written in C# so that it will run as a Windows executable and it uses an XML file to hold the archives.

Star Wars Book Catalog v1.0 *

This is a Java program I wrote to catalog my Star Wars books.

Genetic Algorithm *

This is a simple program that demonstrates how a genetic algorithm works. It was written in Java for my Artificial Intelligence class at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Robot *

This program allows you to control the path of a Pac-Man like robot. You can also place objects at random locations on the screen for the robot to sense. You are also allowed to change the size of the robot and the sensitivity of it's sensors. It was written in Java for my Object Oriented Programming class at the University of Missouri-Columbia.


* These programs require Java to be installed on your computer. All source code is included, so feel free to modify it for your needs. However, if you do so, please inform and credit me. I just ask that you give credit where credit is due. Thank you. It is reccommended that you use a Java IDE like JCreaterLE to compile and run these programs.

# This program requires Microsoft's .NET Framework to be installed on your computer. The source code is not included, but if you'd like it, e-mail me at